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30 Jun

Here’s a video from an all girl event in Minneapolis, titled B-Girl Be. This video features many talented graffiti artists including Toofly and Lady Pink.



29 Jun

We are proud to feature an amazing artist, Amandalynn. She will be painting with us on our Few And Far mural in Miami December 2011.

Find more of Amandalynn’s work at

Ursula Young

29 Jun

We are excited that know that the talented Ursula Young has agreed to work with Few And Far on Mural projects in the future!


Find more of Ursula’s work at

“Gettin’ it” in Oakland while the game is good!

24 Jun

Welcome to the Few And Far project blog! 

This was our 1st  F&F wall, with many more to come! Here are a few progress photos from Oakland.

scaffold_difficultiesDay1:  Some of us turn up at the wall. (Above) Reds, Mags and Meme laughed at how difficult the (construction grade) steel scaffolding looked, scattered on the sidewalk. Meme rented the scaffold, not knowing how heavy duty it really was. Posts, long screws, supports, heavy duty poles of all different sizes, and no instructions… what a mess!
myla_sketch Myla and her million dollar schemes, super fresh!


With a little help, we got the scaffolding up, and Mags went straight to painting with her game face on.

acet_a_sketch_oakland_graffiti Acet putting up the sketch

toofly_action Myla at work

acet_begins Acet with a burner in progress…

toofly_progress_oaklandTooFly finally able to start


Lady_actionDay2: After massive rain storms, we waited for it to calm down, then started to paint. Everyone kept painting through the cold winds and rain drizzles.


Above: Rachel and Beth having fun getting started

beth_actionTattoo artist, Beth Emmerich, learning how to use spraypaint on her first large mural, amazing!



wall_during The sun finally came out for us in the afternoon!

few_Far_siloette_graffitiSiloette showed up feeling under the weather, and still got down!



ksra_oakland_graffiti_fewandfarKsra knocking out her piece




nighttime_yardsaleNight2: Painting, out of our minds and totally burnt out! Agana up on the  scaffold, Reds cleaning up, Meme and Muse kept painting untl 3am.

Mags_memers_day3edit Day3: Meme, Mags, Myla, Hops, and Dime with the finishing touches



oakland_mandela_pkwy_graffiti_few_and_farThe wall in the works, now finished. Stay tuned for full wall photos.

Photos courtesy of Toofly, Mags, Carlos Aguilar, Jersey Joe, and Flickr.


20 Jun

Want to get some insight from the ladies themselves?

Check out the Few and Far Collective Interview by Art Primo featuring Toofly, Reds, and Ksra.

You can read up on Meme, being interview by OaktownArt blog.  Reds also has an interview in the new issue of, C.O.P. ( chicks on powertrips), a super sick zine to say the least…

oaktownart logo


Photos from Oakland

19 Jun

been coming across some really great photos of the wall,heres a few courtesy of Flickr. Be sure to check out Toofly’s blog for some great action shots!

Oakland before

Oakland before

Day 2

Day 2

photo courtesy of stilsayn


photo courtesy of stilsayn of Flickr

Beth Emmerich



Acet, Muse

Acet, Muse

toofly, dime

toofly, dime


ksra, 179

Lady Mags

Lady Mags

meme, hops

meme, hops

photo courtesy of stilsayn of flickr

agana, reds

photo courtesy of stilsayn of flickr

Hops, 179

wall flick

few and far, oakland

few and far, oakland

Photos courtesy of  Stilsayn and TheHarshTruthoftheCameraEye of Flickr

Few and Far, Oakland 2011

16 Jun

We were honored to gather and showcase such amazing, talented ladies from all over the nation, in Oakland on June 4th. Girls came from as far as Miami, New York, New Jersey, California, and Seattle, flying or driving for several hours , eager to connect and collaborate with each other. Even in the rain, there was no stopping these ladies!

With everyones spectacular participation, we decided this will definitely be the first of many “Few and Far” events, so stay tuned!  Special Thanks to everyone who made this successful event happen.

Big Thanks to our sponsors at  MTN colors ,  Art Primo ,and Nomad Piercing.

oakland graffiti event 2011

Few and Far

Mtn Colors