Last but not least ..THANK YOU’S!

13 Oct

Without the sponsors and ladies in the collective coming through the way they did, the Few & Far 2011 Female Skate Jam would have not been as BAD ASS as it was! Next year we plan on having everything a more organized jam, like having permits, a Dj, and an announcer. We hope to have even more ladies participate! This Skate event will always reman a gathering rather than a competition. Our goal is to connect female skaters and artist.

With out further adieu, a special thanks to this years sponsors…

Our friends at BLOOD WIZARD!

Also special thanks to Ksra and Carlos Aguilar for the T-shirt design and printing, along with Luxe Riot. The shirts came out great!

Check out Carlos Aguilar’s awesome work HEREAnd Ksra’s blog HERE

More thanks to our Skate REP Johanna Mahaffy and her family, Curtis and Bonny Franklin for the party!, The volunteers Aimee, Megen, Jen, Joe and Tom. More great photo’s by Hanna Greene, Jakie Lum for designing the flyer, Meleah Cordero for the cupcake’s! Every one that came out! Finally to all the boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives for your support and kisses when we ate shit!!

If you are interested in helping or volunteering time for the next Skate Gathering in 2012, please email us @FewAndFarEvent@Gmail.Com asap! We have little jobs for every type of volunteer, the more the merrier!!!


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