Pecha Kucha “Women’s Art in Public”

22 Oct

Nine women presented images on graffiti, street art and murals that where created by women.
This by no means was this just women standing around and talking about art. The presentation was much more then that. It was one of the most moving, informative, inspiring group of women I have seen speak.

They spoke of struggle, poverty, environmental issues and how every piece of their work had such meaning feeling with so much life to it. I felt compelled to work more on activism myself!
Thank you I felt very blessed to be apart of this!!

Presentations by:
Juana Alicia, master muralist
Susan Cervantes, founder Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center
Erin Yoshi, Trust Your Struggle
Nancy Hernandez, #WaterWrites director
Favianna Rodriguez, political print maker
Cece Carpio, Trust Your Struggle
Meme, founder Few & Far
Siloette, San Francisco muralist
Pilar Castillo, SPARC archivist

MC: Malia Movement
DJ: Agana
Estria’s Pecha Kucha


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