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Miami here we come! Queen Bee’s

19 Nov

That’s right 13 of us ladies will be rocking an awesome wall for Primary Flight this year!


Spotlight: LAKYO a.k.a. Lady Kyo

16 Nov

Meet LAKYO, a super talented writer from Malaga, Spain. Painting since 2000, she has formed a great style, and superb pieces!

This chick doesn’t leave much untouched!!


We love hearing from ladies with the same interests as us! Drop a line, or submit photos to !

Meme “street art yoooo”

15 Nov

(aerosol and acrylic paint)

This is the first time MEME painted an outside surface with brushes, to her surprise it was more difficult than spray paint. The brushes take to dang long!!

Spotlight: Shiva

13 Nov

So I was on flickr, like I always do every morning, checking out trains and such ..
when I came across Shiva.. I’m lovin her style and saucy letters!!

Stay up Shiva your killin it! -M

Jungle Fever

10 Nov

Recently finished up another great day of painting with the some of the Few and Far ladies! The amazing Beth Emmerich hooked up this mural with the great jungle background, Mags hittin up our crew she painted the cave and flying squirrel. Agana is in progress with a lovely native lady and baby, Amanda Lynn painted a Lady Lioness. This was painted in Berkley CA. Read more on AMANDA LYNN”S BLOG

Sweet like honey

10 Nov

Few&Far’s ladies Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags, painted this recently in Oakland.


7 Nov

Check out this cool store of graffiti gear made by female writers.
Support small business!!

Randumb Miami.Com