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31 Jan

Los Angeles Based graffiti writer and artist Timoi.

Thanks for showing us support in Miami Timoi!


Elissa Steamer

31 Jan

Lake cunningham girl skate contest

31 Jan

So we got to the contest late thinking we missed it, happy to see we didn’t miss the bowl sesh and full pipe runs. The crazy thing was how many young girls there were!! I couldn’t believe it, if only it were like this when I was younger. Besides that I wouldn’t have made out alive if I ever whore as much pink as some of these girls lol times have changed!! It was good to see these girls skating so good!

This as you can see.. is a man posing as a girl.

Photo’s by Meme,JerseyJoe and some stolen ..

Femme Cartel Art Show

28 Jan

Photos by the awesome ERIN ASHFORD.

Femme Cartel.Com

Mix’d Ingrdnts

24 Jan

We are so thrilled to have these talented girls dancing in front of our wall in Oakland!!
Stay tuned for part 2!!

Check them HERE

Some F and F for ya..

24 Jan

Erin Yoshi

Glow aka Gloria Muriel

Tatiana Suarez

Femme Cartel art show

Mix’d Internets

Hands by Hops

Erin Yoshi


Amanda Lynn

Tatiana Suarez

Reds by Erin Ashford

Amanda Lynn by Erin Ashford

Glow aka Gloria Muriel

Beth Emmerich

The MaryJane girls


Cheryl Jumao-as

Beth Emmerich

Spotlight: Ambs

23 Jan

Came across this girl on facebook I like her style, thought I would share AMBS from Columbia.