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Spotlight: Phresha

29 Feb

I came across Phresha looking on-line one day. I think her work is beautiful and sexy with a bit of darkness which I love!! So I wanted to share it.. if you haven’t already seen it.

Phresha was born with a crayon in her hand. This mischievous child of colour currently resides on the Canadian west coast in sunny Vancouver BC. College educated in graphic design & advertising and deeply influenced by graffiti aesthetics, Phresha works in a variety of media ranging from conventional mediums like ink and paint to found objects and salvaged scraps of back alleys. Sultry, curvaceous vixens with ice cream cones are often found frolicking with moustached kittens and other wild creatures . For more of Phresha’s artwork and adventures, go to and give her some love on FaceBook.


Ursula Young solo art show

28 Feb

Saturday, March 17th Art show at Fabric8 is located at 3318 22nd street, San Francisco, Ca


Spotlight: Deb street artist

28 Feb

Deb is from Melbourne, Australia and currently living between Melbourne and Sydney doing her art. She practices all soughts of different art forms from, graphic design, illustration, fine art, design an Street art.. Yup she is talented, She even some times paints in high heels!

Deb street art HERE

Iggy Azalea

25 Feb

She bad!

Spotlight: Margaret Kilgallen

24 Feb

I am very moved by Margaret Kilgallen’s art and life story, read more below..

Margaret Kilgallen passed away in 2001, at age 33, from complications of breast cancer. She is survived by her daughter Asha, as well as her husband and collaborator artist Barry McGee aka ~TWIST. She lived in San Francisco where she was very inspired by this beautiful city. She was considered a central figure in the Bay Area art movement.

Kilgallen was also a graffiti artist under the tag names “Meta” and “Matokie Slaughter.” The latter name, a homage to folk musician Matokie Slaughter, was specifically used for freight train graffiti — a hobo tradition that strongly influenced her work. Kilgallen was an accomplished banjo player and became an avid surfer after moving to California to obtain her MFA at Stanford University.

“I believe there needs to be women visual in our every day landscape, working hard and doing their own thing, whether you like it or not, whether it’s acceptable or not…I especially hope to inspire young women because often I feel like so much emphasis is put on how beautiful you are, and how thin you are, and not a lot of emphasis is put on what you can do and how smart you are. I’d like to change that, change the emphasis of what’s important when looking at a woman.” ~MK

Facebook for Margaret.
Read more Here.

Forever you will be remembered!

Our girl Ksra

21 Feb

Dave Tuck Benefit 2012

20 Feb

The Camtest is a backyard style skateboard contest, hosted by Cam himself. This year is the 4th annual, and will go down February 25th, at the Pink Motel. This years contest will be a benefit for our good friend and fellow skateboarder, Dave Tuck.

The Event will be on Saturday February 25th 2012 from 12pm til 10pm.

Sponsors for “Camtest”

Red Bull Energy Drink
Thrasher Magazine
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Grind For Life
Independent Trucks
Conspiracy Skateboards
Pocket Pistol Skateboards
Vans Shoes
Bones Wheels
Flow Snowboarding
Solid Snowboards
Lighting proudly supplied by O2 Lighting
Please come along and support a great cause!!!!!!!!!
Special thanks to Mike Daniel 43KB | Extremely Naked, Cooking Bacon, Wearing Nemesis™ for making this all happen!!!