Why is women’s vert skateboarding taken out of the X-Games??

13 Feb

When I heard this news about the skateboarding industry not supporting extremely talented women in skateboarding. This made me angry, not only are women physically built differently but we have it hard enough with all other aspects in life.. Even more reason to stand behind the talented women. These companies are out of their minds!

Despite the Action Sports Alliance’s effort towards gender equality in action sports, ESPN is moving backwards in their approach to women in sports.

Despite their expansion into a tour this year, ESPN is cutting women’s divisions out of the X-Games. Last week, they have decided to take women’s vert and park events out of the upcoming X-Games 17.

“‘I think it’s a shame,’ vert skateboarding icon Tony Hawk texted about the decision to drop women’s vert skating, ‘especially with the amount of interest in women’s skating and new talent lately.’”

Tony Hawk’s statement disproves ESPN’s belief that women’s vert fails to meet the criteria of the existence of “rising youth talent pools.”

Read why ESPN Canceled women in the X-Games HERE.

UNDEREXPOSED trailer from Amelia Brodka on Vimeo.

“It’s time to look outside of the current skateboarding industry and start composing our own events”. Say’s Amelia Brodka.

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One Response to “Why is women’s vert skateboarding taken out of the X-Games??”

  1. Brittany February 17, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    this is horrible! They should put women’s skateboarding in X games. They need to show that women are capable of doing anything, extreme sports that is. I’m a rider myself. I definitely support women’s bmx, motocross, & skate any day..

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