Thank you Martha Cooper!

16 Feb

The legendary photographer Martha Cooper had documented our wall in Miami this year at Art Basel/Primary Flight see her blog HERE.

“Erin Yoshi, “The mural came about through a collective process. Since native Honey Bees are moving towards extinction in the United States, we understand that this will have a huge impact on our domestic food supply in the future. We wanted to highlight this through our appreciation for Bees. Ksra suggested the honey comb theme, Meme evolved that into a Queen Bees wall for the women’s collective and Mags and Yoshi supported with the color scheme and background concept”. From Martha Cooper’s blog.

Martha has been an huge influence for women and men in the Hip Hop and graffiti world.
Thank you Martha for being so awesome!


One Response to “Thank you Martha Cooper!”

  1. DJ Agana Con Ganas ! (@dj_agana) February 17, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    Few and Far was blessed with the legendary photographer of Hip Hop Culture Martha Cooper who documented the “Wall of Fame” we painted in Miami at Art Basel/Primary Flight! Thank you Martha for staying true and continuing to represent women in the culture.

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