Dave Tuck Benefit 2012

20 Feb

The Camtest is a backyard style skateboard contest, hosted by Cam himself. This year is the 4th annual, and will go down February 25th, at the Pink Motel. This years contest will be a benefit for our good friend and fellow skateboarder, Dave Tuck.

The Event will be on Saturday February 25th 2012 from 12pm til 10pm.

Sponsors for “Camtest”

Red Bull Energy Drink http://www.redbullusa.com/
Thrasher Magazine http://www.thrashermagazine.com/
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer http://www.pabst.com/
Grind For Life http://www.grindforlife.org/
Hurley http://www.hurley.com/
Independent Trucks http://www.independenttrucks.com/
Conspiracy Skateboards http://www.facebook.com/ConspiracySkateboards
Pocket Pistol Skateboards http://www.pocketpistolskates.com/
Vans Shoes http://www.vans.com/
Bones Wheels http://www.boneswheels.com/
Flow Snowboarding http://www.flow.com/
Solid Snowboards http://www.solidsnowboards.com/
Lighting proudly supplied by O2 Lighting http://www.o2lighting.com/
Please come along and support a great cause!!!!!!!!!
Special thanks to Mike Daniel 43KB | Extremely Naked, Cooking Bacon, Wearing Nemesis™
http://www.43kb.com/ for making this all happen!!!


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