Super Solveig and FuzzCat

24 Mar

Graffiti youngsters, Super Solveig, 12 and Fuzz Cat, 8 are killin’ it in the streets of Brighton England! These two talented sisters represent the All Girls Crew (AGC)

Why have Barbies, when you can have spray cans ??

Taken from SOLVEIG’S flickr

“i started painting graffiti a few years ago when i was eight, i saw a lot of graffiti around brighton where i live and i really liked it. i started watching different people doing paintings and i thought it would be cool to have a go.

i asked my dad if he could get me some cans and take me to a place where i could try it out.
i like to do graffiti to show adults that i can do it. i always sketch my ideas a few times in my blackbook before i paint them on the wall. i love to make pieces that are as crazy as i can make them, i have no plans to stop so watch out for me..

i am now 12″.

Well if thats not the cutest thing ever I don’t know what is!! ~Meme


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