Art Sale limited time only!

29 Mar

The 16×24 ART PRINTS are unframed and will be available for purchase on Etsy for a limited time and for an amazing deal! Please visit my account to view the SALE pieces and also many other pieces you might like for your home or office. Shop Erin Ashford. You can also call me directly to order your piece.

If you have any questions or would like a piece in a different size please let me know.

I’ve been working on a still documentary about an all female street art collective from around the world called Few and Far. We’ll be heading out on a coastal documentary journey to Tijuana in April. We have pooled together our resources and creative energy to paint a LARGE MURAL, interact with the neighborhood and capture inspiring imagery. I will be DOCUMENTING with my two still cameras and another friend, Lea Bruno will be filming the trip. As a way to get funding and save up for this big trip in mid April I’m selling some of my MIXED MEDIA art work and trainyard photographs at a limited time SALE price.
Cheers & Love,

Erin Ashford

Thanks for your support! If you’d like to receive updates from the road let me know, I can add your email to the list!


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