The lost Children of Cambodia

13 Apr

While working on a painting, I was looking for more information on Cambodia since I plan on traveling there at the end of this year. I came across this documentary Called Small Voices: The stories of Cambodia Children . To my surprise this is the poorest country in Asia with extreme poverty, with the highest rate of homeless children in the world. The children are forced to beg or steal for food and money while others dig trash at the dump.

Usually, families would work in shifts over 24 hours in order to earn as much money as possible(approximately $2 a day for a working family of six) meaning children were forced to work from very young ages – suffering from exhaustion, malnutrition and hunger, with little access to clean water. Out of all this sadness is some hope, many people and organizations have created education and safe housing for these children giving them opportunity’s they would never get staying on the streets. Meme

At night the dump was a very dangerous place where gangs, violence, rape and even traffickers were present. The situation for some families became so poor that parents sold their children into the sex industry.

Over the last four years, Scott Neeson, shown at left, and his team have opened three facilities — CCF, CCF2 and CCF3 — that aid impoverished children by providing comprehensive educational programs, vocational training and health care. The majority of the kids live in-house, learning computer skills, English and local Khmer songs and dance. (Margaret Conley/ ABC News)

Cambodia Children’s Fund MAKE A DONATION HERE Like Them on Facebook


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