Few and Far x Ironlak Tour 2012

10 May

SacTown, CA

About two weeks ago, the Few and Far women hit the road. Traveling from Sacramento, through San Francisco and Los Angeles, we ended up in Tijuana Mexico. Along the way, a whole group of us (Amanda Lynn, Meme, Hops, Agana, Tatianna Suarez, Glow, Reds, Lady Mags, Erin Ashford and Beth Emmerich) stopped only to bomb the freeway and abandoned construction sites, to create two dope large scale mural productions, to skate in San Diego, to party, to cross the border and more.

Highlights? Hops got put on lock down in her motel room with a baseball bat while a crazy person knocked down doors in LA, Beth rode a motorcycle in SF, Glow stuck it out up high, on a ladder, in the heat, Reds bombed the highway sound wall, stray dogs and taco stands in TJ, Mags snuck into an abandoned construction site for a quick straight letter, Agana, Meme and Reds bombed the streets of TJ when all of a sudden 8 cops with AK 47s rolled up on them….
The trip ended with all of us on line for hours, waiting to get across the border back into the US from Mexico. Mags-

San Francisco,  CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Tijuana, Mexico 

Want to see more? Stay tuned for the Video coming soon! Most the the incredible photography was done by Erin Ashford. Photo credit Jill Holslin , Agana and who ever else we stole from 🙂

Special thanks to our sponsors IronLak Spray Paint, Lea Bruno, Sino Tequilla, Mary Jane Clothing, Brammo, Pldm Trademark, Layover, Voz Alta Project, The Roots Factory, Merchantland, LentesShop, Spread Inc.


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