Flora and Fauna Show in SF

15 May

Few and Far women painting big!!

‘Flora N Fauna’ mural project by Amandalynn and Lady Mags is complete! This 4 month installation is dedicated to the theme of ‘Flora N Fauna’, which means all plant life and the creatures surrounding it. Lady Mags and Amandalynn are a fairly recent team of street art painters, who have completed several mural projects, though they have been painting together for less than a year. They are about to start an Alynn-Mags Summer Series sponsored by Ironlak , including a mural in NYC this June and more around the Bay Area. Both are part of the all female street art collective Few N Far. The next step for the Flora N Fauna project is an upcoming art exhibit at Cassel Gallery on June 9th, 2012, where Lady Mags and Amandalynn will be accompanied by several other talented artists, all exhibiting work tied to the same theme of Flora N Fauna, and rounding out the show with mural and floral installations. Coming soon will be a special video dedicated to the Flora N Fauna mural and Art show, shot and developed by Nick Lea Bruno . We also will be releasing a photo documentary of the Flora N Fauna process by Erin Ashford . Many thanks to our sponsors, Ironlak , Brammo , Scuderia West and Erin Ashford for her photos!


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