For the love … of freights.

1 Jun

Not always do we have the pleasure of getting a box car nor knowing that tonight the workers time coming into the yard has changed. Waiting, watching listing to them work through the brush and trees. Hoping that tonight as I sit quietly alone I wont run into any writers. Hoping and dreaming tonight that an ARMN, IBOX or a small ridged CXS BOX or something exotic will be sitting clean for me. Or I’ll get to paint since last week there was only OIL TANKERS and HOPPERS…

As I walk in quietly hearing all of my surroundings, I have grown accustomed to creeping around into the night without being seen or heard. Knowing all my ends and outs I’m ready for anything to pop off, For most men wouldn’t even come to these places alone. The night whispers, as the frogs singing back forth from one puddle to another.

Here I’m at peace. -Meme

All photos by ERIN ASHFORD


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