Spotlight: Motel Seven

12 Jun

Motelseven: I am a female graffiti artist from South Africa. My mother is Norwegian and my father British, so although I feel a bit African, my heart is in Europe too. I currently have my base in Oslo, Norway. I travel as much as I can to paint, as well as working on exhibitions.

Are there any benefits and drawbacks to being a young female graffiti artist?

I think the only benefit I can really see is that you get noticed in a different way to guys. You are a token. I try not to think too much about being a girl in graffiti, and I don’t think my graffiti friends treat me differently. However I have had incidents where I have been treated like a toy or an idiot, and I know it is because I am a female. So often I will meet a writer and if he doesn’t know what I paint he will talk to me like I am some dumbass girl painting stencils everywhere. I don’t care so much what people think anymore, I have a passion for what i do, and that is that. – Motel Seven

Taken from Juxtapoz Magazine


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