Spotlight: Julie Kindstrand

18 Jun

Sponsors: Pocket Pistols skateboards, Adio footwear, Volcom, Bones Wheels, S-One skateboard helmets, 187 pads, Madrid fly paper, and G.R.O.

How were you introduced to skateboarding? What got you started?

Well it all started with roller skates. My dad would take us to the roller skating rink in Fountain Valley all the time. I was really good at it. One day he took us to the new skate park in Laguna Nigel and had ride our roller skates in the park. My dad used to skate back in the day with a group known as the chrome domes: Omar Hassan, Remy Straton, my Dad, Mike Barns, Mike Sanders..ect. So skateboarding kinda runs in the blood so to speak. Hahaha. But I saw all the kids skating and was like “Daddy I want to skateboard too!” My dad was like “no, not my little princess…” but he said whatever I want to do, not thinking anything would become of it. He let me ride his old Possessed Dave Rule Nude Bowl board. I was like eleven years old. Taken from Girl Skate Network


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