Spolight: Elrod

24 Jun

ELROD is an East Bay-based mixed media and special effects artist with a taste for all things kitsch and sparkly. This predominantly self-taught artist and self-proclaimed glitter enthusiast was born and raised in the Southern California heat and made the transition to the bay area about 5 years ago in an attempt to take her creativity to the next level. She has spent the majority of her life getting kicked out of school and painting but didn’t really push herself to pursue her art professionally until she moved to San Francisco.

After having a mildly successful time in the painting and gallery circuit with her sparkly Mexican-inspired pinups and lowriders, ELROD discovered she was a “natural” at makeup application and she knew right away this was where her talents should be focused. If you’re looking for smokey eyes and red lips, move along because she specializes in rotting skin, animal prosthetics, fantasy characters and monsters. She is currently working with various photographers on projects as well as on set for an independent zombie movie who’s trailer will be released in about two months [full production to be realized in 2013]. Until then, you will still catch her hanging her kitschy mixed media work on gallery walls [Public Works in July for the Femme Cartel opening of “Fashionably Drawn” and at Modern Eden at their August opening “Tribute to Metal”] and creating magnificent creatures from her imagination on unsuspecting faces. Check out all her work [and add her on FB!] here: mexakitsch.blogspot.com


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