Spotlight: Rudy Fig

14 Sep

We are huge fans of RUDY FIG!! Every piece of her art is extremely addictive to look at. We know you’ll agree.

Rudy Fig is a 23 year old, US based, self taught oil painter and Toy enthusiast. With toy designers for parents, Rudy grew up in a very creative environment and excelled in the arts from a young age. After flunking out of art school (with flying colors) she taught herself how to paint and quickly began showing her work at age 17 in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her lush oil paintings and custom toy work feature a cosmic world of candy coated vixens, magical garden tea parties, and psychological purging. Her signature pallet boasts saturated pastels and a beaming world of organized color chaos.

Rudy Fig’s custom dolls:

Check out her STORE HERE


One Response to “Spotlight: Rudy Fig”

  1. artistikrooms September 14, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    You are truly amazing Rudy. Keep it up! Love Your Artwork 🙂 XO

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