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Last year with Few&Far in Wynwood, Miami

3 Dec

Images by Erin Ashford


Few&Far Calendar for 2013

1 Dec

High quality images taken by Few&Far photographer Erin Ashford & Hannah Greene.

This is our first calendar we are excited to share with everyone!!
The images in the calendar consist of our murals, events, skate Jam, train yards and our latest creative photography. Available on Few&Far’s Store

17 Sep

Thanks Agana!

Glamourbaby Diaries Workshop Documentary

13 Sep

Ruby Veridiano’s Glamourbaby Diaries Workshop Documentary Inspires the Next Generation of Young Female Leaders

[SAN FRANCISCO, CA SEPTEMBER 11, 2012]- On September 19, 2012 writer, speaker, and media personality, Ruby Veridiano will release her documentary that chronicles The Glamourbaby Diaries workshop; A writing workshop that focuses on the leadership and personal development of tomorrow’s leaders through the lens of fashion. Through this workshop, Veridiano aims to inspire young women to be visible, relevant, and significant not only in their communities but also on a global scale. The release of the documentary is part of Veridiano’s “Redefine Glamour” campaign, in which she asks women from across the globe to look at glamour as a definition of character, rather than a fleeting media standard. Veridiano hopes to shatter the unrealistic standard of beauty that has become deeply ingrained in society, and become a role model for Asian-American women, and other women of minority backgrounds, through these projects and initiatives.


Glamourbaby Diaries is a writing workshop series with a focus on women’s empowerment and Asian American women’s history explored through the lens of fashion. Incorporating media, art, and fashion, participants gain tools that build self-confidence, inner beauty, social awareness, and leadership, inspiring them to embrace their highest potential to become agents of social change. Launched in New York City, this project was funded by the Asian Women Giving Circle in 2010. Read more about the workshop HERE:

Cypress Alley In San Francisco

29 Jul

We had the best time ever painting this alley in the Mission District. The neighbors were so thankful gave us food, drinks and smiles. The wind and cold weather was a bit harsh but having positive people showing their love for what we do, made the it so worth while!

Oh and this guy in the hot rod was burning rubber for us!

Photo love : Merlot and Agana!

Sony Corporation illegally defaced Few&Far mural

3 Jul

“A few weeks back I got the news that someone painted over the recent all female, Few & Far production on Gower Street in Hollywood. This was a real surprise to me especially since I have been organizing the painting of those walls for so many years.” Rime-

(above) SONY and Zippy Downing covering the Few & Far mural for a commercial.

(above) An attempt by locals to paint over the SONY mess

If you feel that this type of unprofessional cut cornering is wrong please reblog / retweet this.

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(above) The completed Few & Far wall that lasted less then two months before being covered.


More photos from TOUR HERE

Thanks Rime for fixing the mess!

Few&Far Featured with other female artist

29 Jun

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