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Agana painting live at Queendom 2012

26 May


DJ Zita & La Pena present the 5th Semi-Annual
Fly Ladies Reppin the 4 Elements of Hip Hop
Sat. June 2, 2012 @ La Pena, Berkeley
Since its inception, Hip-Hop has spotlighted voices and movements of resistance. However, at times it has been used as a patriarchal tool for oppression. QUEENDOM seeks to reverse that by placing women at the center of this art form. Witness this all-female show as the ladies of hip-hop represent all 4 elements – graf writing, breakin’, MCing & DJing – as they always have.
DJ Zita
Lady Ryan
Miss Marianna (Sacramento)
Mamaz: Aima the Dreamer and Persia
SF Soulstars
Bay Area Steppers
& surprise guests
Agana Few&Far
Hostess: Aima the Dreamer
Vendors: Femme Arts Collective
La Pena Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck @ Woolsey
9pm-12am, All Ages
$10 Presale & Students w/ ID, $12 Door


Few and Far’s One Year Anniversary Art Show

22 May

We are so excited to share with you our first crew Art Show! We will also be painting a wall in Seattle day after the show check our Facebook and Twitter for more info. Hope to see you there!

Check out the Bherd Gallery BHERD STUDIOS

The closing reception Fri, July 13th.

19 May

One of the Few and Far skaters Andrea Bibelheimer, got together with all the ladies at the Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama at the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in San Jose, Calif. on Mothers Day Sunday, May 13, 2012.

See more great photos Here

Few and Far x Ironlak Tour 2012

10 May

SacTown, CA

About two weeks ago, the Few and Far women hit the road. Traveling from Sacramento, through San Francisco and Los Angeles, we ended up in Tijuana Mexico. Along the way, a whole group of us (Amanda Lynn, Meme, Hops, Agana, Tatianna Suarez, Glow, Reds, Lady Mags, Erin Ashford and Beth Emmerich) stopped only to bomb the freeway and abandoned construction sites, to create two dope large scale mural productions, to skate in San Diego, to party, to cross the border and more.

Highlights? Hops got put on lock down in her motel room with a baseball bat while a crazy person knocked down doors in LA, Beth rode a motorcycle in SF, Glow stuck it out up high, on a ladder, in the heat, Reds bombed the highway sound wall, stray dogs and taco stands in TJ, Mags snuck into an abandoned construction site for a quick straight letter, Agana, Meme and Reds bombed the streets of TJ when all of a sudden 8 cops with AK 47s rolled up on them….
The trip ended with all of us on line for hours, waiting to get across the border back into the US from Mexico. Mags-

San Francisco,  CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Tijuana, Mexico 

Want to see more? Stay tuned for the Video coming soon! Most the the incredible photography was done by Erin Ashford. Photo credit Jill Holslin , Agana and who ever else we stole from 🙂

Special thanks to our sponsors IronLak Spray Paint, Lea Bruno, Sino Tequilla, Mary Jane Clothing, Brammo, Pldm Trademark, Layover, Voz Alta Project, The Roots Factory, Merchantland, LentesShop, Spread Inc.

“Urban Legends”

17 Apr

Urban Legends exhibition and auction celebrates public art from around the globe. Highlighting artists from the U.S., Europe, Africa, Mexico, and more.

“Urban Legends” Fine Art Auction. This live auction will occur during the VIP opening. Works will consist of large scale murals; collages; rare, limited edition photographs; and more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the serious or beginning art collector to bid on and purchase rare works of art from an international roster of critically acclaimed muralists, graffiti writers, and contemporary urban artists. Art collectors will not want to miss the most exciting art auction happening in the city of Los Angeles. Tickets can be purchased here: For more information, please contact: Shawni D., at (213) 255-0059 //

Erin Yoshi.Com

Estria Foundation.Com


ABCNT, Chor Boogie, Codak, Cryptik, Kofie, Mear One, Pablo Cristi, Shark Toof, TEWSR, Warren Heard, BAM, Brett Cook, Can Love, Cern, Ckaweeks, Doves, Erin Yoshi, Estria, Jher Judy Baca, Katch, Kent Twitchell, Level, Mare 139, Martha Cooper, Meres, Sand, Vogue, Vyal, Woier, Alexander DC Smith & Hans Haveron, Aly Kouroma, EKLA, Evan Mendleson, Freddy Sam, Graffiti of War Project, Herakut, FOODONE, John Park & Christina Angelina, KIDGHE, LIBRE, Max Neutra, SANER, Yusef Davis, Van Saro, Estevan Oriol, Eriberto Oriol, Chaz Bojorquez, RETNA, Andrew Hem

DJ Agana

26 Mar

Few & Far’s Agana is a busy girl to say the least, she always has time to smile big to put you in a good mood in the worst of days!

All these wonderful photos where taken by Agana. Agana is not only a bad ass DJ but she is an art teacher, muralist, jewelry maker, loving/giving friend, always down to paint no matter what!! Agana also films and edits her own videos.. Oooh yes, don’t let me forget to mention… she always has her nails on point every time!

Behind the scenes

Few and Far x Ironlak Road Trip Tour

12 Mar

Photo:Erin Ashford

Yup, We are at it again! April 19th-24th 2012. We will be partying and painting in 5 cities. Last stop Tj Mexico!! Not all the FNF’s could make it for the trip but we will be reppin it hard for them! Hope to see you along our way!! xo -M