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Few&Far Calendar for 2013

1 Dec

High quality images taken by Few&Far photographer Erin Ashford & Hannah Greene.

This is our first calendar we are excited to share with everyone!!
The images in the calendar consist of our murals, events, skate Jam, train yards and our latest creative photography. Available on Few&Far’s Store


Few&Far Girls puttin in work.

8 Sep

Miss Reds-

Hops and Merlot-



Meme and Moven-


Sony Corporation illegally defaced Few&Far mural

3 Jul

“A few weeks back I got the news that someone painted over the recent all female, Few & Far production on Gower Street in Hollywood. This was a real surprise to me especially since I have been organizing the painting of those walls for so many years.” Rime-

(above) SONY and Zippy Downing covering the Few & Far mural for a commercial.

(above) An attempt by locals to paint over the SONY mess

If you feel that this type of unprofessional cut cornering is wrong please reblog / retweet this.

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(above) The completed Few & Far wall that lasted less then two months before being covered.


More photos from TOUR HERE

Thanks Rime for fixing the mess!

Few&Far Featured with other female artist

29 Jun

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Seattle Art Show Re-cap

12 Jun

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Our art show was a blast! Some how… the main camera for the show got lost with all the photos of the Few&Far art show @ Bherd Studios. With help from our friends we put together photos over the 5 days well spent with the Seattle girls. We got extremely blessed that the sun was shining everyday that we were in Seattle.

We had a cute mojito slumber party, we all walked around and doodling on things while picking pretty flowers. With unstop laughter till 6am who also joined us was a really cool girl that writes MARLOT. We all painted, then some of us got friendship Tattoos. What a great time! 🙂

Us toasting to the our year together.

Wall 2

Thank you to everyone that came to our show!!

Tonight at the Bherd Studios in Seattle Washington

8 Jun

Come join us we have wine, cupcakes and amazing art to check out!

Happy Birthday Few&Far !!

4 Jun

Well One Year today, we started our wall in Oakland. Meme and Ksra worked together to get five ladies together to paint.

On our 1st wall: Lady Mags, Rachel Pelican, Beth Emmerich and Miss Reds. Then the others where added like Toofly, Siloette, Myla, Dime, Hops, 179, Muse and Agana. We are happy to say that this year and next year we have some major protects in our future plans!

Now we have 20 amazing girls in the paint crew.

Thank you for supporting us and sending your love!!