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Few&Far Calendar for 2013

1 Dec

High quality images taken by Few&Far photographer Erin Ashford & Hannah Greene.

This is our first calendar we are excited to share with everyone!!
The images in the calendar consist of our murals, events, skate Jam, train yards and our latest creative photography. Available on Few&Far’s Store


Summer days in New York with Toofly

15 Jul


TOOFLY is an artist, designer and social entrepreneur. Born in Ecuador and raised in New York City her work fluidly blends her native roots with the inner city sensibilities of the quintessential “around the way girl.” TOOFLY gained popularity as a teen in the early 90’s as one of the few graffiti women to rise up and paint in a male dominated scene. Through the Younity initiative, a not-for-profit arts collective she co-founded in 2007, TOOFLY has empowered young women to become independent artists and work within their communities. Staying true to her roots TOOFLY continues to draw feelings from the ever-changing world around her. Her work can be found on New York City streets, and within the confines of various art and cultural institutions. TOOFLY’s work has been published in GRAFFITI WOMEN, GRAFFITI NEW YORK, and GRAFFITI THE NEXT LEVEL.

Few&Far Featured with other female artist

29 Jun

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Happy Birthday Few&Far !!

4 Jun

Well One Year today, we started our wall in Oakland. Meme and Ksra worked together to get five ladies together to paint.

On our 1st wall: Lady Mags, Rachel Pelican, Beth Emmerich and Miss Reds. Then the others where added like Toofly, Siloette, Myla, Dime, Hops, 179, Muse and Agana. We are happy to say that this year and next year we have some major protects in our future plans!

Now we have 20 amazing girls in the paint crew.

Thank you for supporting us and sending your love!!

Few and Far’s One Year Anniversary Art Show

22 May

We are so excited to share with you our first crew Art Show! We will also be painting a wall in Seattle day after the show check our Facebook and Twitter for more info. Hope to see you there!

Check out the Bherd Gallery BHERD STUDIOS

The closing reception Fri, July 13th.

Nitty Scott x TooFly

26 Apr


13 Apr

“The Strand Bookstore, New York City’s legendary home of 18 miles of new, used, and rare books, will celebrate the publication of XCIA’s Street Art Project: The First Four Decades by Hank O’Neal (aka XCIA) by having street artist Toofly–create street art on the 12th Street side of the store on walls that have long been blank. The street art project will promote the release of XCIA’s Street Art Project: The First Four Decades, a collection of photographs taken by former CIA officer turned photographer Hank O’Neal. Publisher Siman Media Works will release an app version in April. READ MORE HERE ON TOOFLY’S BLOG