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Last year with Few&Far in Wynwood, Miami

3 Dec

Images by Erin Ashford


New Earrings on the Few&Far Store!

1 Nov

 Few&Far Store 

Earrings Here!

When you’re making a purchase on our store, you’re supporting Few&Far’s artist for future murals and projects. Thank you!

Graffiti Style Jewelry by Vanessa “Agana” Solari Espinoza

27 Oct

Support the Graffiti Style Jewelry Line by Vanessa “Agana” Espinoza, a youth Educator in Graffiti aerosol arts, also known as DJ Agana.


Graffiti + Jewelry = AGANA

I aim to provide an abundance of individual style while sustaining jewelry at an affordable cost. Take a look at my CURRENT JEWELRY for a visual example of the new line to come.

The fabulous rewards I have are at a cost that is lower that usual so take advantage of the deals! I really need at least $5,000 to be able to complete the birth of the project and to get it off the ground. I am hoping that the project will be over-funded to meet my actual funding goal. Please feel free to be generous, all the funds will go towards making my jewelry more affordable for you!

Designing like crazy, I have millions of designs just waiting to share with you and the world. With your help, I will be able to expand from focusing solely on precious metals and be able to release a new line with more extensive affordable material options. You will no longer have to wait; I will finally reach a wider audience and the admirers that have requested and desired my jewelry for so long. Thanks to you, a window will open for my followers to be able to afford and claim your very own custom AGANA piece!



Few&Far in Sacramento

6 Oct

We painted an animal rights mural in Sacramento Ca over the weekend of september 28th-30th.

Like many times while painting in public, some strange yet comical things can happen … This scooter gang shows up with a launch ramp, a big metal ring that the scooter guys set on fire at the end of the alley. To top it off with out warning the scooter gang gets naked and start’s jumping their freaking scooters through the Ring “O” Fire!!

It’s never a dull moment with Few&Far.

Artist that painted:
Erin yoshi, Ursula Young, Jenn Ponci, Meme, Ksra, Hops, Reds, Agana, Dime, Merlot, R-Peezy, Megen Devine and Baybay-FNF Khonda TMD.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!!
IRONLAK Spray paint, MAHFIA “killing it softly”,
MaryJane Clothing .

Images by Gemini Photography Co. & Wes Davis

Mural organized by artist MEME.

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Its a F@#king Jungle … Every day!

22 Sep

Yes, we are coming to Sacramento Ca!! Don’t miss this animal right themed mural.

Crew Love

17 Sep


Glamourbaby Diaries Workshop Documentary

13 Sep

Ruby Veridiano’s Glamourbaby Diaries Workshop Documentary Inspires the Next Generation of Young Female Leaders

[SAN FRANCISCO, CA SEPTEMBER 11, 2012]- On September 19, 2012 writer, speaker, and media personality, Ruby Veridiano will release her documentary that chronicles The Glamourbaby Diaries workshop; A writing workshop that focuses on the leadership and personal development of tomorrow’s leaders through the lens of fashion. Through this workshop, Veridiano aims to inspire young women to be visible, relevant, and significant not only in their communities but also on a global scale. The release of the documentary is part of Veridiano’s “Redefine Glamour” campaign, in which she asks women from across the globe to look at glamour as a definition of character, rather than a fleeting media standard. Veridiano hopes to shatter the unrealistic standard of beauty that has become deeply ingrained in society, and become a role model for Asian-American women, and other women of minority backgrounds, through these projects and initiatives.


Glamourbaby Diaries is a writing workshop series with a focus on women’s empowerment and Asian American women’s history explored through the lens of fashion. Incorporating media, art, and fashion, participants gain tools that build self-confidence, inner beauty, social awareness, and leadership, inspiring them to embrace their highest potential to become agents of social change. Launched in New York City, this project was funded by the Asian Women Giving Circle in 2010. Read more about the workshop HERE: