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Few&Far Calendar for 2013

1 Dec

High quality images taken by Few&Far photographer Erin Ashford & Hannah Greene.

This is our first calendar we are excited to share with everyone!!
The images in the calendar consist of our murals, events, skate Jam, train yards and our latest creative photography. Available on Few&Far’s Store


Tonight at the Bherd Studios in Seattle Washington

8 Jun

Come join us we have wine, cupcakes and amazing art to check out!

FNF like whoa!

17 Mar

ksra_few and far


All photos stolen from the few&Far ladies thanks!

Female Skate Gathering 2011 Sacramento, Ca.

5 Feb

We are extremely excited to share our video of the Skate Jam we did in October 2011.

Few & Far Female Skate Jam 2011 from Few & Far Women on Vimeo.

One on our skater’s Jackie pinky Lum worked her butt off to make this video happen thanks girl for all your hard work!!

We have many great events coming so, keep checking back so you dont miss any thing!!
Sorry we missed you in the credits HANNAH GREENE thanks for some photos!
Huge thanks to Gale Hart coming through with the great footage!
Skaters: Andrea, Madeleine, Cheryl, Gale, Colette, Jo, Jolie, Mia, Olivia, Nicole, Vanessa, Jessica, Meleah, Joanna, Melissa, Laura, MJ, Lily, Katherine, Sahara, Jen, Sabrina, Beverly, Ji, Heaher, Janell, Marie, Anna, Faydra, Magen, Xiandrea, Jacueline, Sharie, Shelby.

Tati Suarez

18 Oct


Few and Far Skate Jam Recap 2011

11 Oct

Here are some photos from Few & Far’s first all female skate gathering. Taking place at two locations in Sacramento California. We had a great turnout of ladies, in ages ranging from 6 to 55 years old, coming from Washington, Chicago, Colorado, Oregon, Las Vegas, LA, SF, San Jose and San Mateo,etc., etc..

We couldn’t asked for more of a diverse group of skaters! We hope to have an even bigger gathering next year!


We started off at a Power Inn skate park then headed over to a V.I.P backyard “pool party”as seen in photo’s below.

Thanks to Amanda Lynn and Ursula Young for donating your beautiful paintings for F&F Collective!
If you have missed any of our events you’re truly missing out!


Photo credit: Gale Hart Erin Ashford, Low Card Mag, Andrea Bibelheimer, Jersey Joe and every one else we stole pictures from.

Who says girl’s are sissies ??

11 Oct

Sabrina Haaberg skated hard during the Few and Far Skate Jam.
Many casualties happened during the jam but the ladies over all skated so well and shredded through the night!